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BRE Communicable Disease Control Plan

BRE Communicable Disease Control Plan - Update April 8, 2022mask friendly school


Our school Communicable Disease Plan has been updated.  The following is a summary of highlights. 


Daily Health Checks continue.  Everyone is to stay home when feeling unwell. Schools will continue to send students home who are ill.

Hand Hygiene continues. Washing hands with soap and water, for 20 secs, or using hand sanitizer.

Masks are no longer required in indoor settings, or on school busses, though students and staff may continue to wear a mask as a personal choice. This choice will be supported and treated with respect. Disposable masks will continue to be available at our school for those that wish to use them. 

School gatherings may return to 100% capacity with the caveat that schools should use trauma informed practices (i.e. start small, gauge comfort levels, spread out indoors, use the outdoors). Proof of vaccination is not required to attend school-led gatherings and events.

Classroom arrangements may return to previous learning environment configurations that best meet student needs and preferred educational approaches while still creating space between students.

Field trips are permitted. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to obtain up to date Criminal Record Checks should they wish to participate as chaperones.

Playground zones were lifted as our school grounds provide ample space for students to spread out.


All other measures in the safety plan still apply. For the full plan see the document below.