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BRE Friday Communicator-June 12th

Make Create Innovate
Ms. Mowbray's Story Sharing Project
After learning about their family history and traditions through interviews, students chose to share a piece of their family story in their own creative ways. Owen created a series of videos that showcased a family tree and a tutorial for his great-grandfather’s sourdough recipe. Rhys shared a special family recipe for Kisla Pa​cenka in a cooking video.
The Achievement Show Continues
Mr. Grantham’s students have been developing new skills while working on goal setting, exhibiting a growth mindset, and developing their competencies with innovation and technology. Watch Rowan learn how to skim board.
So, You Want to be an Architect!-by Ms. Cornish 

Materials: paper, tape, data sheet (see below) and books to use as weights.

  1. Choose 3-4 basic shapes to fold your paper into. I recommend a cylinder, triangular prism, rectangular prism, and a shape of your choice (eg. Hexagonal prism.)
  2. Carefully fold your paper keeping your folds as crisp as possible. Tape the seams.
  3. Place your shapes on a flat surface and carefully stack as many books as you can before your shape crumbles.
  4. Track your results on a data sheet: So You Want to be an Architect
  5. Do the same for the next shape being sure to stack the books in the same order.
  6. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look for pillars and columns. Consider which of these may be structural (carrying significant weight) and which may be decorative.  Why?  Does the shape of the column suggest its purpose?
  7. Click the link below to discover the engineering secret of columns!
Let's Make Magazine Beads!-by Ms. Graham
You will need:
  • recycled magazines, newspapers, flyers etc.
  • school glue (if you’re using newsprint you can try making a papier-mâché paste with flour & water)
  • scissors
  • a pencil
  • paints & brush (optional)

For a bracelet you will need:

  • a button or bead (try making your own using the air dry clay recipe from our past newsletter posts!)
  • string or cord for threading

To make your beads cut the recycled paper into long, tapered, triangle shaped strips (try a base of 2-3 cm, and about 25cm long, roughly the length of a magazine page).  If you’re using a magazine, look for pages with lots of colours.  If you are using newsprint, leave the beads plain, or paint them once they are dry.

Wrap your strip around the pencil a few times, staring with the widest part of your triangle.  Add a thin line of glue along the inside of the paper as you finish wrapping your triangle around the pencil.  A little goes a long way- you don’t want your bead to stick to the pencil.

Once you have finished wrapping your bead slid it off the pencil, and leave to dry.

Continue in this method until you have enough beads to make a necklace or bracelet.  Once your beads are dry you can paint them or use them as is.

To make a bracelet or necklace begin by cutting a length of string to fit around your wrist or neck, plus a bit extra for tying.  Thread your button first, tying it into place.  Add your beads, making sure to loop through the last bead twice to secure it.  Wrap the tail around the button to wear. Happy Beading!