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November 5th, 2021

Remember and Honour

Into the Arms of Home - Remembrance Day 2021 - November 10th
Virtual Program – Hosted by Mr. Grantham’s Grade 5 & 6 Classc1

This year’s Virtual Remembrance Day program is inspired by Alan Doyle’s song “Into the Arms of Home”. Crafted to be meaningful for children, youth, adults and elders, the theme "Into the arms of home"  that features in the film, is both universal and personal. Mr. Grantham and his students have been exploring the meaning of home and how that can mean different things for different individuals.  Along with the ceremonial moment of silence, playing of Last Post, and laying of wreaths, the program invites viewers to explore the meaning of  “Home” and ”Remembrance" for themselves..


The video will be released on the school website for public viewing on Wednesday, November 10 at 9am..  Everyone, family, friends, and community members are invited to participate virtually.  BRE students will participate from classes on November 10th at 11am.   


Scenes of the film were shot on location at Brackendale Elementary School and at the Cenotaph in Stan Clark Park.  Guest appearances include Nelson Winterburn, (pictured above) Royal Canadian Legion member, who shares his experience serving in the Navy and Yvonne Brekke, Indigenous Support Work, who shares her reflections on her grandfather’s service during the War.  Thank you to Mr. Grantham, Mr. Winterburn, Ms. Brekke and students for teaching us about the significance of Remembrance Day. 

mc1Fall Trees and Falling Leaves
Using inspiration from Natasha Wescoat's jeweled trees series, Ms. Johnson's 2/3 class learned about the elements of art using line and colour. Look how curved lines give us the impression that the wind is blowing! See how choosing warm colours for the leaves and cold colours for the background sets the mood for their art. The artwork is designed in a way that guides our eyes to follow a path and feel the movement of trees in the wind.
Fall Trees

Reflect, Recognize, Honour, Learn

t and r

Mrs. Fieldhouse’s Kindergarten and Grade One students wrote their wishes for residential school children and then wrote their feelings about Brackendale Elementary. These are their words:


I wish…

  • kids didn’t have to go to away from their family
  • kids could sing their songs
  • children didn’t get their hair cut
  • residential school will never be able to happen again
  • Phyllis got to keep her orange shirt
  • kids could stay with their families
  • they could speak their own language…forever
  • kids could eat the food they liked


When I am at school, I feel…

  • happy
  • safe
  • good
  • cared for
  • cozy
  • nice
  • loved

Our next cross country running meet will be at Squamish Elementary on Wednesday, November 10th afterschool. All students who are participating in the Cross Country club are welcome to participate and will need a parent or guardian to drive them to and from the meet. Permission slips have been handed out.


*Please note, PAC meetings will now start at 6:30pm!*