BRE Friday Communicator » January 14, 2022

January 14, 2022

Student Ocean Mural at the Artisan Gallery

We are excited to announce that our students’ artwork will be on display at the Artisan Gallery (1336 Main Street, Squamish) beginning January 18, 2022.  We invite you and your family to take a stroll along Main Street to view the stunning mural!


The Ocean Mural was part of a Climate Action Inquiry to raise awareness in our school and community of the impacts of plastic pollution in our oceans. Beginning with an investigation into environmental stewardship, selecting a marine animal under threat to study and culminating with a 3-D Ocean Mural, Ms. Mowbray’s and Mr. Zigar’s grade 5 and 6 students collaborated to build this installation using found materials and plastic waste. Here is a snippet of the mural:


Curious Owls -

Ms Mazur's Grade 2/3 and Mrs Fieldhouse's K/1 buddy classes were curious about owls. After learning some facts about them, they asked if they could paint them. Of course! Here are their owls in a dusky forest. First they drew them directly. Then painted with careful brush strokes to create the feather texture. Hooo loves them as much as we do?!