BRE Friday Communicator » June 17th, 2022

June 17th, 2022

New Outdoor Circuit

Have you seen the new Outdoor Obstacle Course alongside the school? Why walk when we can skip, jump, twirl and spin along an array of colour and joy!
Thank you Jo and Judy for creating our outdoor physical literacy circuit. It inspires movement and fun, rain or shine. Thanks also to that oh-so-illusive sun that made a brief appearance which allowed them to get the painting done ;)

Frog & Butterfly Releases

Mr and Mrs Fieldhouses classes have been learning about lifecycles. What an incredible opportunity to see the whole process live in our classroom and then released into our beautiful backyard. Check out these curious faces filled with wonder and awe! The best, most impactful kind of learning.  fb

Year End Class Activities

Mr Hirn's, Mrs Fanzega's and Mrs Smith's classes finding sun and fun with lots of games, races and activities!

Mountain Bike Race Series

The district mountain bike races wrapped up this week with a ton of speed, camaraderie and success by our Brackendale team. We love seeing your awesome effort out on the trails kids!
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Last Chance! Lost & Found

Come have a look through and grab your kids things before they are taken to Pearls.

Spirit Day - Beach Dress Up  on June 28thbeach day

Student Leadership is planning a Spirit Day on Tuesday, June 28th.  Come dressed for the Beach with  Sunhats, Hawaiian Shirts, Sandals, Sunglasses,  Flippers, shorts and t-shirts.  Bring a donation for Squamish Helping Hands for our last fundraiser of the year.  There will be organized games on the upper field at lunch recess. A huge thank you to our Leadership Students and Ms. Mowbray for all the fun-filled school events and for helping us make a difference in our community this year!


As the school year is coming to a close we wanted to reach out one final time to remind you to ensure your child’s immunizations are up to date. You can check your child’s records at


If you child missed their immunizations at the school you can book them either:


Thank you and have a wonderful summer.


Your Squamish Public Health Nursing team.