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BRE Friday Communicator-June 5th

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Brackendale Collage

We are in the News! Our First Day back was featured in the publication: Good News in Education

Kerri Ralph, Ministry of Education – Government Communications and Public Engagement, writes: SD#48 Sea to Sky – Brackendale Elementary students and staff started their day on Monday with students standing outside the school on their assigned spots in preparation for their staggered entry into class. There was a microphone, speaker and music, and students were able to start  their day with a fun, playful entry including “air high fives”. This warm and sunny welcome back to school was led by principal Karen Saenger!

Staggered Entry

neufeld farmsBrackendale PAC Neufeld Farms Fundraiser

Deadline for orders is June 9th, pickup from the school on Wednesday June 17th at 6PM at the school parking lot.

wave of changeMonday, June 8th, Celebrate World Oceans Day-Squamish Wave of Change (see ) – A line up of fun online links, films, student voices and a Wonder Walk hosted by Squamish River Watershed Society!  Maps and Printable Instructions Online. A Special Livestream Presentation by Jackie Hildering – “The Marine Detective” – teacher, underwater photographer, whale researcher and co-founder of the Marine Education and Research Society