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Criminal Records Check

Brackendale Elementary is enrolled in the Ministry of Public Safety’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). This allows us to complete criminal record checks online at no charge for volunteers.

Online Link:

Access Code for Brackendale Elementary: EFQHCA7NB2



  • Please follow the link and read the information provided.
    • Also note that the CRRP is not affiliated with the police or RCMP and so any previous record checks done through them cannot be shared with us through the CRRP.
    • Two of the requirements to use the online process is living within Canada for at least 24 months and having at least six months credit history (for ID verification).
  • Enter the Access Code and choose the appropriate option to either Request a New CRC (recommended) or Share the result of a Completed CRC.
  • Read and confirm understanding of Consent Information
  • Complete applicant information as required.
  • Identity verification questions will be asked. These are provided by Equifax and use your financial history to verify your ID.
  • If you fail any of the ID verification questions you will be asked to print off the application and have the organization (Brackdendale Elementary) verify your ID using two pieces of valid ID and provide a signed signature where it asks for it (under “To be completed by requesting organization”). This can be done by going to the organization’s contact person, or faxing or emailing to the organization the application with your signature supplied at the bottom where it is asked.