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School Supplies

Option One:
Student Supplies - Once again, to make families’ lives easier, reduce our environmental impact and save you some money, parents/guardians have the option of purchasing school supplies through the school at a reduced cost of $42 per student. All the supplies your child will need for the year will then be ordered by classroom teachers.


In order to make this possible and to support our efforts to reduce, re-use and recycle, your child's remaining individual supplies will be retained at school this summer to be replenished when the new supplies arrive. This has allowed us to reduce the cost per student by $3 despite the increased costs from our suppliers.

By reducing and reusing resources, we can reduce our environmental impact and pass cost savings on to families. If you have participated in the previous PAC school supply program, you will realize an average savings of $15/child on the standard school supply pack.


Ordering is easy - if your child is presently attending Brackendale Elementary you can access the Cash Online portal at  Students new to the school will be able to access the portal in early September.  


Option Two:  You may still choose to purchase school supplies on your own.  We recommend you wait until your child is assigned to a class in September to get the items their teacher prefers.  If you want to purchase ahead, here is a basic list of supplies.